Going Rogue

Today, I went to Brooklyn to meet up with Benn who I have followed on Instagram for a bit. It has been about a year since I have travelled to someone's home to shoot and it was a really nice change of pace to be outside of my apartment and using natural light.

One of the first things that Benn said to me when he opened the door was that there was "a situation". His cat, Rogue, had jumped the fence in the courtyard of his building and couldn't get back.

This is actually the first photo that I took of him today as he climbed the fence to save Rogue.

Benn is a yoga teacher who is incredibly dedicated to his students and to his own practice. This was abundantly clear even in the brief amount of time that we spent together. He just returned to New York from 5 weeks in India where he was practicing almost every day for 8 hours a day.

Benn and Rogue. 12/4/15.