Last night my friend Keith and I made plans to hang out and shoot some photos around Chinatown. This morning, when I left my apartment for the day, I didn't realize but I had brought my fixed lens. It's great for shooting portraits and stuff in a studio setting, but it's not easy to use on the street because there's no zoom. When I got downtown to meet Keith and realized all of this, I decided that I was going to focus on taking shots of people. I'm starting to realize that people make street photography interesting, more than anything else you find on the street. I'm really pleased with some of the shots that I got (though, not all of them are people... Ha).

I hope you find them as interesting as I did. :)


9179135788. 8/31/15.

Meat. 8/31/15.

Grape Thief. 8/31/15.

5.99. 8/31/15.

Market. 8/31/15.

King Durian. 8/31/15.