Connection Through Creation

As I photograph more and more people, I am really beginning to realize what a powerful tool my camera can be. I have started finding joy in meeting and connecting with new people. In the past, I have never quite felt that way. I can be such an introvert at times and things like getting to know someone and small talk have never come easy. Having a camera in my hands helps that immensely.


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy. We connected through Instagram and have several friends in common. Last Monday, the 15th, I packed up my camera and my laptop and took a trip up to Harlem to shoot and get to know him. Jimmy is a dancer, choreographer, and yoga teacher. Creative type. The kind of person that I find myself drawn to. After chatting for about 20 or 30 minutes while Jimmy worked on a craft project, I grabbed my camera from my bag and realized that I had forgotten my memory card. (As it turns out, it was actually in my bag the entire time. Which was evident when it fell on to the locker room floor at the gym. But that's a story for another time...)

After realizing that I had "forgotten" my memory card, we decided to meet another time and try again. As I was leaving Jimmy asked if I had any interest in coming to shoot production photos of a dance project later in the week that he and some friends were filming and putting together. The concept sounded really interesting, so I said yes and offered to bring my lights for them to use.

After a successful day of shooting some dancing in the clouds, I packed up my camera and left my lights behind so that they could use them as they continued the shoot a couple of days later.

Jimmy and Rashmi.

On Monday, February 22nd, I traveled back up to Harlem to pick up my lights and finally finish what we had started. I spent about an hour photographing Jimmy with an occasional appearance by Rashmi (who, I swear, is a dog trapped inside of a cat's body). And Jimmy's boyfriend Jacob was nice enough to sit for a few minutes as well.

Jimmy, Jacob, and Rashmi.

Be on the lookout soon for images from the video production and a link to the final product!