3 New Insights Into My Work

Lately I have been focusing on a few main ideas when approaching my work:

1 - Light... All kinds of light. Trying to find the most interesting natural light. Manipulating the different lights that I have in my studio. Neon signage in storefronts.

2 - Creating interesting photos in camera; without manipulating them in Photoshop. Occasionally color correction and blemish removal is necessary in portraits and I try to do the very minimum. My goal is to be more creative behind the camera so that I am spending less time at the computer editing.

3 - Shooting on the street. One of the best things about being a photographer living in New York is the vibrant street life. Day and night. It's an endless stream of subjects. People. Cars. Architecture. It's all here and all you have to do is step outside.

Here is some of my most recent work that ties in to these ideas. I hope you enjoy!

Untitled: NYC Cab | 4.11.16

Untitled: NYC Cab | 4.11.16

Axilleas | 4.8.16

Gabriel | 3.25.16

Untitled: Third Ave | 3.10.16

Construction Looms Over LIC | 4.11.16

I have decided to start carrying my camera around more regularly and by proxy, I am going to be doing more blog posts! It's a challenge to shoot more and to share more of my work. Stayed tuned for more!!